Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy 2010!

Here we are in did that happen? Was it really 10 years ago that we were worried about Y2K? Wow, how time flies. 2009 proved to be a difficult year for us and for many of our friends, but I have high hopes for 2010. I hope it's a good one for all of us!

Eythan will be coming home in 2 short months. It's hard to believe he'll actually be here...for good. I know he's ready and I'm trusting God that it's the right time for him. We are picking him up the day after we move into our new house so he will come home to a new environment, which he needs. We are excited for the changes we'll see in him and hope that our new home will be the perfect place for him to continue his growth. We sold our house to the very first people that saw it...which is complete confirmation to me that God is orchestrating this move. We close on Valentine's Day but we don't move out until March. The people who bought our house are renting and can't get out of their lease until March. This works well for us since we haven't found a new home yet! We are looking North of here around Prosper, Sanger, Pilot Point, etc. We are looking for acreage and think we may have found a perfect place but we haven't seen the inside yet. Hopefully we'll get to do that this week.

Goldie lost her fight with whatever was causing her problems. It could have been age, brain tumor, or something else...we aren't really sure. But we suspect she had a brain tumor. She started going down hill again right before Christmas and we had to put her down on January 2. Not a good way to start the new year, but I am so thankful she is out of pain now. I have visions of her playing with Lady Belle in a heavenly field. I can't wait to see them again in heaven one day!

We had a wonderful Christmas and visit with my family and friends in Kansas. We got lots of snow here in Texas on Christmas Eve!

You can view our pictures from Christmas in Kansas here.

My journey to be healthier is going well. I struggled more than I thought I would over Christmas because I was surrounded by junk food for an entire week! And even though I caved too many times, I think overall I did pretty well. I didn't give up and we kept going to the gym while we were in KS. However, now that regular life has resumed I am finding it difficult to resist the things I used to battle but thought I was over. Mostly sugary carbs. I have thought about completely ridding my diet of sugar, but I honestly don't think I would do well with that. I honestly think I just need to cut back. It's not realistic for me to never eat sugar so I will just make sure that I make it a "sometimes" food. I definitely need to take it off my daily menu and only have it a few times a week. So that's my goal. Today I've had:

Breakfast - 1/2 cup yogurt with 1/3 cup granola (YUM!)
Lunch - Small spinach salad with grape tomatoes, sunflower seeds, croutons, 2% shredded cheese, and Ranch salad spritzer, and approx. 1 cup of cucumbers. Then a 60 calorie chocolate pudding.

Not too bad for a picky person, eh?! :) Right now I'm eating some baby carrots as a snack since I'm a little hungry. I'm actually trying to detox myself from the junk I ate over Christmas. I think that will get me back on track. :)

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