Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I'm back!

I guess a 5 month hiatus is long enough, right? :)

With all that has been going on in my life I literally forgot about my blog. I really do like having one but I just am not very good at keeping up with it. I apologize. Although, I'm sure you don't all just sit around waiting for my next post, do you? Surely not. If you do, please do me a favor and go get yourself a life. ;)

A lot has happened since my last post. I had another miscarriage in December (my 3rd) and had a D&C, which I didn't have with the first 2. It was not a pleasant experience but overall it wasn't bad. In fact, including the day I had the procedure, I never really felt like I had anything done. The following day I had about an hour of cramping and that's it. So I consider myself lucky. After having 3 miscarriages I started to really question our decision to have a baby this late in life. I am 37 and Tim is 42. I know people have babies at our age and older all the time, but I have things that make me feel older than I am, including 2 kids in their 20s and a connective tissue disease which causes pain in my joints every day. So we have decided not to pursue this dream anymore. I don't feel like it's what God really wants for us, nor do I feel like I have the energy to start all over with another baby. I am finally, after almost 10 years, at peace with this decision.

So we decided to go on a vacation, just the 2 of us, to get away from all the stuff we've been dealing with at home. When you decide to go on vacation with your spouse make sure you do it right. We did it right! We went to St. Lucia in the Caribbean and stayed at a Sandals resort which was all inclusive. THE BEST WAY TO GO. All inclusive...we've never done it before but it was awesome!! Everything, including alcohol and food, was included and we weren't even allowed to leave tips. It was truly relaxing. I told Tim we better remember to pay our bill when we go out to eat back home! I thought we might just get up and walk out without paying! So, if you take a trip with your spouse, do it right! We were gone for 8 awesome days without any kids (the resort didn't allow kids so we didn't even have to see other people's kids!).

My oldest son turns 23 tomorrow. Although I didn't give birth to him, I can't believe he's that old. It still makes me feel old! His fiance's birthday is 2 days after his so we are celebrating theirs together this weekend. This is that sweet boy shortly after I met him in 1999...

He is on the left and Joseph and Eythan are on the right. Joseph is now 21 and Eythan is 17. When did this happen?? My daughter, who isn't pictured here because she wasn't born yet, is almost 10!

Time sure flies, doesn't it? However, I would not be caught dead saying that a few years ago when I had a house full of kids and dogs and I felt like that time in my life would never end. It does end, it really does, so don't forget that.

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