Monday, August 15, 2011

"We have seen that a flawed view of God results in a flawed view of ourselves, and that deception in either of these crucial areas affects the way we live.  Inevitably, believing lies about God or about ourselves will also lead to being deceived about sin." (Nancy Leigh DeMoss in Lies Women Believe.)

Something I didn't have a grasp on, until now, is that having a flawed view of God changes everything.  Unfortunately for me, I have been living my 26 years as a Christ-follower with a flawed view of God.  So many years of living with a giant self-image many years of trying to be an obedient child of many years of thinking I knew and trusted my God.  Then BAM!  Out of nowhere I get hit upside the head with a huge hammer.  And I realized I didn't believe all the things I professed to believe about my Heavenly Father.  Sadly, women who have not-so-great earthly fathers always fall prey to this.  We relate the 2 interchangeably.  How we view our earthly father is directly translated to how we view our Heavenly Father.  It took me a very long time to see that my earthly father wasn't such a great guy.  And then God revealed to me that I was looking at Him the same way I viewed my dad.  Seeing God this way didn't allow me to truly believe the things I read about him in his Word.  Even though I professed to trust the Lord with everything in my life, I really didn't.

I was recently prompted by the Holy Spirit to find a good Bible study on David.  I knew Beth Moore had a lot of excellent books and Bible studies so I went to LifeWay and found her David study.  I felt like I wanted to learn more about David himself because I knew very little about him.  I really only knew the Goliath story and the story about Bathsheba, and something peeked my interest to learn more.  What I didn't know (and that's what is so cool about God) is that God used that study to teach me so much about Himself.  (I highly recommend this study, especially if you think you have a flawed view of God and are trying to find out the truth about who he truly is.)

I am just at the beginning of this journey and am still learning how my flawed view of God gave me the wrong lens to look through.  If I understand who my God truly is, regardless of what others do or say about Him, then I am able (and only then) to view everything else correctly.

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  1. I am so excited to live this time in your life with you... God is using you and the things you're learning to reach me too in so many ways! I love you and can't wait to see where your REAL father takes you next!