Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fun Photo Books

I've always loved taking pictures.  My mom will tell you, mostly in my teen years, I always had a camera on me.  I took tons of pictures.  Although I've never learned about true photography, I still love taking pictures.  There's something so memorable about a photo.  It's a snapshot in time that lasts forever.  How cool is that?  FOREVER.  Well, as long as the photo lasts.  But that's a long time.  Well past the point of my memory letting it go.

I used to get my pictures printed and hang them up all over my room.  I bought frames and had them sitting all around my house.  But then I started collecting too much clutter and I got rid of most of my frames.  And sadly, with digital these days I don't even print many anymore.  What good are your memories if no one is looking at them?

Then I found places like Shutterfly and MyPublisher that publish photo books.  If I'm not careful I'll start collecting these.  In fact, in the last couple months I've ordered 7.  I guess if you're comparing it to a bookshelf full of novels, 7 is a very small number.  But I am guessing I won't be stopping at 7.

A few weeks ago I made a large photo book of our vow renewal ceremony (wedding) pictures.  I LOVE IT.  It's huge and gorgeous!  Tonight I ordered 5 more books. is having a sale (only until today, Oct. 6!) and I made 3 mini books for...wait for won't believe this price...$.62 each.

Yes, that's less than a dollar for a photo book.


The catch is that it's approximately the size of a business card.  But who cares.  How cute is that?

I made one for each of our dogs that we have lost in the past 2 years: Lady Belle, Goldie, and Sammy, because at that size and cost, why not?  Then I made 2 more books (a little bigger): one from our recent Disney trip and the other is another wedding book for my sweet mother.

So if you love a good deal and love photo books, head over to MyPublisher TODAY for their great sale!

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