Saturday, October 8, 2011

Like Dandelion Dust

Have you heard of Like Dandelion Dust?  It's an excellent movie based on a novel by Karen Kingsbury.  I have not read it but I love her other books and was immediately drawn to this movie when I heard about it.

It's a story about adoption.  And a tear-jerker.  I will spare you the ending just in case you want to pick it up at Red Box or order it from Netflix, but know that it is well worth seeing.  There is no sexual content, which was a relief since that seems to be so prevalent in Hollywood these days.  But there is content not appropriate for children because it deals with domestic abuse.  Hubby & I watched it on our date and it was a great date movie.  Even though it's a tear-jerker it's not heavy so you don't walk away feeling down in the dumps.  Mira Sorvino was fabulous in this.  Rent your copy soon!

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