Monday, October 24, 2011

Savior or Lord?

Do you know there's a difference between Savior and Lord?  When I accepted Jesus as my Savior at the ripe age of 11, I didn't realize it was a different thing to make Him my Lord.  It wasn't until 26 years later (this year) that I learned this difference.  Sure, I heard people say that Lordship is different than being "saved".  Our church is big on Lordship.  For the last 3.5 years, since we've been at our awesome church, I have said I practiced Lordship with the rest of them.

I was wrong.

When I was tested, truly tested, I failed the Lordship test.  I did not give my everything to Jesus.  He kind of hung out in the background of my life.  I knew He was important and I went to church and worshipped Him.  I even raised my hands in worshipful stance during our worship time with goose bumps all down my body knowing the sacrifice He made for me on the cross.  But to really give Him my all was not something I had ever really done.

You see, I believe this is because I had a poor relationship with my earthly father.

I did not understand that my God loved me more than anything.

That He wants to save me from those who want to hurt me.

That He actually adopted me and asked me to sit at his royal table as his very own child.

That if I trust Him and give Him my everything, He WILL provide.

That when I absorb myself in His word I will grow close to Him, like two people who talk for hours learning about each other.

And then I will want to obey Him.

And now I do.  He holds my world in His hands.

Do you have this kind of relationship with Jesus?  Do you know that no matter what is happening in your life that He loves you?  That even when things look dark, scary, or unknown it doesn't mean He has left your side?

Get into His word and learn about the real Jesus.  Don't take my word for it, or anyone else's.  Dig in yourself and find out.  He loves you and is waiting for you!

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