Sunday, October 2, 2011


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I can't believe my baby girl is 10 years old.  That's double digits.  That doesn't even sound like a little girl anymore.  It sounds almost like a tween.  You know, the age "between" child and teenager.  Part of me misses my little girl...the little girl who said "Whatcha dooning?" and "Jofuf" for Joseph.  But the other part of me loves every age she's been, even though it means she is that much farther from being my baby.  Ten is also a great age.  She is beginning to be much more self-sufficient.  The other night she actually did her first babysitting job and made $12!  Which is quite funny considering we haven't let her stay home alone yet.  But our neighbors have heard her talking about how excited she is to start babysitting.  So they decided to give her a chance at it.  They have 3 little ones...7 year old, 6 year old and a baby (almost a year I believe).  They are also runners.  So one night they asked if Savannah could come over and "watch" the kids (they were already in bed when she got there) while they ran the neighborhood block a couple of times.  There were a few reasons we let her do it:

1. The kids were already in bed so there wasn't much "watching" going on,
2. The parents were in the neighborhood the whole time,
3. They left the husband's cell phone there with instructions on how to dial the wife's phone, and
4. Tim and I were right down the street at our house just waiting for a phone call saying "I'm scared!"

But she never called.  She did great.  We were so proud of her.  And I have to admit, surprised.  I stayed home alone for the first time around her age and I was terrified the whole time.  You know the dust you see when the sun shines through a window in your house?  I saw that and was convinced our house was on fire.  I sat on the couch waiting to see flames, but I never did.  And I never told my parents how scared I was.  My daughter must be braver than me.

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