Friday, January 27, 2012

Update on my mom

My mom was not able to go home from the hospital today because the doctor wasn't comfortable with the results of her MRIV.  He saw some floating particles that he isn't sure about.  There's a very slight chance the whole thing is/was a bleeding tumor, but he doesn't think so.  They are keeping her one more night (hopefully) to watch her and she'll have another MRI in a couple of weeks.  They are hoping by then the whole thing will have disappeared.

Please keep praying for her.  I know that God is on top of it and no matter what happens He is still God and I trust Him.

Just please ask Him to heal her so I can have as many years as possible with her on this earth.

When she moved to Texas I came with her because I am a Mama's Girl...then she moved to CA and I couldn't go because my husband and kids were here.

But if she goes to heaven, I might have to follow her because that's just an offer I might not be able to refuse!  :)

Here are some pics from my mom and Grammy's visit a couple of weeks ago:

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  1. Still praying for full healing your mom is beautiful like you Gretchen, I'm glad they are keeping her longer just to be safe. Praying for you as well, knowing this will be very difficult for you as well.