Monday, July 9, 2012

Silver Dollar City

Have you been to Silver Dollar City in Branson, MO?  It's so much fun!  I grew up a few hours from it and visited many times as a kid.  A few years ago we took Savannah and Eythan for the first time and they had a blast.  This weekend we went again with just Savannah...and had a great time!

Last time we were there Eythan got inside the coffin and Savannah pretended to cry so we did it again and sent Eythan a photo!

Inside Grandfather's Mansion...the upside down room.  One of my childhood favorites!

Also inside Grandfather's Mansion...this room is super cool.  It's the crooked I've gotten older it makes me dizzy and a little nauseous!  But fun!

Inside the little Wilderness Church.

This is a giant roller coaster that I will not ride because it has too many big hills and upside down loops!  But Savannah and Tim loved it!

When I was a kid we toured the Marvel Cave...a cave with 700 steps down and 500 feet under the surface of the earth.  It was fun going back as an adult!  If you're interested, you can read about it here.

My favorite ride as a kid...Fire in the Hole.

My 2 favorite people.

Branson has a Titanic museum that was spectacular!  No photos are allowed so I do not have any pictures inside (but take a look at the building behind us because it's pretty cool on the outside), but we had our picture taken inside the museum in front of a blue screen and then they impose it in front of a pic of the Grand Staircase.  I'll post it when I get it scanned in.  The Grand Staircase was AMAZING!  It was built exactly like the one on the Titanic (and looked just like the one in the movie!).  It was SO COOL to be standing in it.  Did you know the floor of the Grand Staircase was LINOLEUM?!  The tour guide told us it was super expensive back then so the Titanic had to have it.  Isn't that funny?!  :)

I hope you enjoyed our pictures.  We had so much fun.  If you get a chance to visit Silver Dollar City and the other attractions in Branson, you won't be disappointed.  It's a fun place!

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