Wednesday, June 5, 2013

My Aspartame Experiment

Are you familiar with aspartame?  What do you know about it?

I did some research on it a few years ago and was so scared by what I read that I decided to stop all soda and limit foods that contain it as much as I could.

I quit soda for 2 years.

That's amazing considering how much I love Diet Coke.

Here's my story:

For many years I had a problem with red cyst-like bumps showing up on different parts of my body. They were painful and full of puss and blood and would eventually pop, finally giving me relief.  I went to my doctor about them and he said they were probably caused by heat because they were only in places that didn't see much sunlight or air.  So I just lived with them.

Then one day I noticed that I hadn't gotten any in awhile.  A long while.  I assumed it was because I had changed my diet pretty drastically and was much healthier...chalking it up to a bad diet.

Yay for me...they were gone.

Then just about 6 weeks ago I decided that I wanted to have some Diet Coke again.  I wouldn't go crazy...limit myself and only have one every now and then.  I should have known myself better...that is not how I roll.  I started drinking them frequently and was very much enjoying them.

Then one day I noticed a bump.  And then another.  Just when it would go away another would show up somewhere else.  I thought it was strange and my husband mentioned something about the aspartame in the Diet Coke possibly being the cause.  I was really hoping he was wrong, but I decided to experiment anyway.  I stopped drinking them again...just for a week or two.

Old bumps gone.

No new bumps.

Started drinking Diet Coke again...bumps come back. really doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this out.  What scares me is what it might be doing to my body inside where I can't see.  Can this stuff cause tumors?  Cancer?

As sad as I am to let go of Diet Coke again, I am certain it is damaging my body and I'm considering these bumps a blessing to steer me away from this dangerous substance.

This is just my story.  I am not an expert but I do want other people to hear my story because I truly believe that aspartame kills.

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  1. Aspartame is terrible as well as every other fake sweetner. Weight watchers and lots of places who do weight stuff want us to use fake sweeteners. If you do the research it can cause huge effects in our bodies as it did to yours. Your right what is it doing to our bodies could it help increase the spread of cancer or other diseases. Diet is one of the worst and it can have serious withdrawals similar to those addicted to alcohol. Thanks for sharing this and so glad you no longer have aspartame in your body. I won't chew gum anymore because of the long term effects. :-)