Saturday, December 28, 2013

New York City!

To see a slideshow of our pics click here.

New York was amazing!!  I'm so glad we decided to go for my birthday instead of the beach, although I have no doubt that would have also been amazing.  We were so busy while we were there that it almost wasn't a vacation; however, not needing to feed my family, do the laundry, clean the house, etc. was still a nice vacation!  We were also able to spend 2 days with our youngest son (20) who lives in New Jersey.

We saw Radio City Music Hall's Christmas Spectacular (starring the Rockettes) and Annie on Broadway - both were amazing!  However, Annie was our favorite. Annie is a big part of my childhood...I actually got an Annie wig and robe for Christmas (yes, I'm that cool) one year. LOVE ME SOME ANNIE.

We experienced New York City snow twice.  Both times pretty mild.

We spent 4-5 hours in the Museum of Natural know, where Night at the Museum was supposedly "filmed".  I say that because the museum is quite different from what you see in the movie.  After doing some research (by "research" I mean I googled it and had an answer in about 5 seconds), I found out the movie was not filmed in the museum.  This came as no surprise to me because the museum looks nothing like what you see in the movie.  But there were many things in the museum that were in the movie so those were fun to see.  You'll see some of those things in my slideshow below.

We took a walk in Central Park, visited Macy's, saw the gigantic Toys 'R Us with the ferris wheel in the middle, went to Times Square, FAO Schwarz, saw the "Big" piano, rode the subway many times, walked past Trump Tower, went to the Apple store, spent time at the 9/11 Memorial and saw the new Freedom Tower and the memorial pools (where the twin towers stood), saw the Brooklyn Bridge, walked 1,021 miles, saw the Statue of Liberty from a boat (couldn't get tickets to go inside), experienced M&M World, Hershey's Chocolate World, got a photo taken with "Jack Sparrow", went to Top of the Rock (top of Rockefeller Center), saw the Empire State Building & the Chrysler Building & Central Park from way up high, saw the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, took a pic of the Rockefeller ice skating rink (way smaller than it looks on TV), and took a carriage ridge through Central Park (brrrr!).

How's that for a full vacation??

Can't wait to go back.

My husband is THE BEST.

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  1. This is beautiful thanks for sharing. Beautiful photos and awesome you could hang out with your youngest son. What a blessing for him. New York looks like an incredible place and loved all your video and your photos you always choose very appropriate songs to go with your slideshow. As I watching your photos I pray one day Larry and I can meet you and Tim. Happy birthday girl welcome to the 40's crowd.
    Love you